Program will now run until December 31st, 2021

Massapequa Park, NY—On Monday, May 24th, the Mayor and Board of Trustees passed an extension of the 9 month Building Permit amnesty program that was set to expire in at the end of July. The program will now expire at the end of the year, allows residential property owners to legalize work that was done without a building permit without paying the extra charges assessed for the failure to apply for a permit prior to the work commencing.

“After seeing the success of the amnesty program, the Board of Trustees and I, decided to extend it for the duration of the 2021 calendar year to give additional homeowners the opportunity to take advantage of this great program,” said Mayor Daniel Pearl.

The program includes legalizing work done prior to an owner having taken title to their house. At the conclusion of this calendar year, the amnesty program will expire, and the permit fees, including the extra charges for work having been done without a permit will apply.

For more information about the program, residents can contact the Building Department at 798-0244.