Village of Massapequa Park

Treasurer’s Department

Treasurer’s Department

The Treasurer’s Office controls the Village finances and manages Village taxes, general accounting, personnel records and handles the Village budget.

The Treasurer’s Office is responsible for all phases of property tax within the Village. The Village tax is based on the amount of money needed to fund services provided by the village. The tax rate is determined by first establishing a budget. All Village costs are assembled by the Mayor. Anticipated income from state aid, license fees, building permits, fines, etc. and any surplus from the previous year are subtracted from the approved budget expenses leaving the amount to be raised by the real estate property tax. A public hearing is held and then a proposed budget is submitted to the Board of Trustees. The budget must be approved by the Board by the end of April. There is ample time and opportunity for residents to make known their feelings about the proposed budget.

Taxes are payable on June 1 with late penalties beginning to be assessed on July 2. Residents are reminded that when their mortgage is paid off, the direct payment of property taxes becomes their responsibility. When a mortgage is completely paid, the resident should inform the Village, Town and County that their mortgage has been satisfied. This will then ensure that tax bills are sent directly to the resident. The Tax Department can provide additional information.

The Village provides tax exemptions to qualifying individuals as follows:

  • Senior Citizens Exemption – One of the owners of the property must be 65 years of age, reside at that location for 12 months prior to making an application and satisfy a maximum income requirement. An Application for a Senior Exemption must be applied for each year.
  • Veterans Exemption – There are two types of Veterans Exemptions.
    1.(Old Law) An exemption on property owned by the Veteran and based on “eligible funds.” This is described as property purchased by the Veteran using pension, bonus or insurance monies, referred to as eligible funds. This exemption can only be updated with current funds received by the Veteran and is no longer available to first time applications.
    2.(New Law) An exemption on the primary residence of the Veteran based on wartime, combat and disability eligibility within maximums established by State Law.
  • Persons with Disabilities and Limited Income – The applicant must be a homeowner and must submit specific proof of disability along with their annual income from the previous year. The annual income has a maximum limitation. An Application for Exemption for Persons with Disabilities and Limited Income must be applied for each year.
  • Volunteer Firefighters/Ambulance Works –The applicant must be the owner of record, reside within the village and be an enrolled member of the Massapequa Fire Department’s three fire houses. The applicant must be certified as an enrolled member for at least five years and must re-file annually.
  • Gold Star Parent – A Gold Star Parent is the parent of a child who died in the line of duty while serving in the United State Armed Forces during a period of war. The same requirements for Veteran’s exemptions apply to this exemption.



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