Mayor Daniel Pearl and Trustee Dana Durso joined with the Nassau County Police to celebrate National Night Out. This national celebration allows for the community to interact with the local police and develop a closer relationship with the officers that patrol the neighborhoods.

Pictured from L to R:

Officer Barpe, Mounted Unit, Officer Morrisey, Mounted Unit, Officer Shanahan, Highway Patrol, Motorcycle Enforcement, Officer Vara, Highway Patrol, Motorcycle Enforcement, Trustee Dana Durso, NYS Assemblyman Michael Durso, Mayor Daniel Pearl, Inspector Alan D, Hirsch, Commanding Officer, Seventh Pct. NCPD, Deputy Inspector Massaro, Seventh Pct. NCPD, Officer Zylinski, Marine Bureau, Officer E. Carlsen, Marine Bureau, Officer Valentino, Bicycle Patrol, Officer Luthy, Bicycle Patrol, Officer Prisco, POP Unit (Kneeling), A.M.T. Brevogel, Ambulance Bureau (Kneeling), Officer Zimmerman – POP Unit (Kneeling).

Photo: Ed Cox