Stormwater Information

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Water District...

For the purpose of providing and maintaining the necessary supply of water to residents and businesses, the state is divided into water districts. The Massapequa Water District, with offices at 84 Grand Avenue, Massapequa, (798-5266), provides water in the Village. Administration costs are paid out of town taxes. Actual water use is metered and paid for by each homeowner. A commissioner and two board members are elected for three year terms on a rotating basis. Water Board meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month at 9:00 a.m. and are open to the public.

Services provided by water districts, and the rates to pay for them, vary throughout the state. In the Massapequa Water District, the homeowner is responsible for the supply pipe from the house to the center of the street, or the water main. If the supply pipe is blocked, freezes or leaks, the homeowner may be required to have the street opened, with the approval of the Village and the Water Board, and have the pipe repaired.

All external installations, repairs or additions affecting the water supply system must be performed by plumbers registered with the Water District. A Village license also is required for all sewage and plumbing work. A list of registered and licensed plumbers is on file at the District office and Village Hall.

Water District rules require that the meter readers and inspectors be given immediate access to the water supply in any home. They must have proper identification and must be able to identify the homeowner's meter number if asked. The District office may be called for further identification (798-5266).

Water shortages on Long Island and elsewhere in the country have led to local Ordinances to restrict the use of water outside the house. The Nassau County Ordinance restricts this use as follows:

  1. No watering between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on any day.
  2. Odd numbered addresses may water on odd numbered days of the month, (that is numbers and days ending in 1, 3, 5, 7, 9).
  3. Even numbered addresses may water on even numbered days of the month, (that is numbers and days ending in 0, 2, 4, 6, 8).

Fences or shrubbery should not be placed directly above water service lines. To prevent pipes from freezing in extremely cold weather, allow water to trickle very slowly from the faucet.

Voter Registration ...

To register to vote in all elections (except water and fire districts), residents should obtain a register-by-mail form at Village Hall or go to the Nassau County Board of Elections, County Seat Drive, Mineola. For information, call the Board of Elections, 571-2411, or the Village Hall, 798-0244. For information about voting in the water and fire district elections, contact the respective districts. (Water: 798-5266; Fire: 798-9849.) Voter registration also is now available at bureaus of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

Holidays ...

Village Hall will be closed on these holidays: New Years, Lincoln's Birthday, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Election Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and after 12:00 noon on Christmas and New Year's Eves.